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Showcasing the diverse amateur and professional musicians and music-related services in the Hudson Valley region of NY state. Enjoy!
Updated: April 14, 1999
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  Featured Artist:   John Herald
  Featured Article:   "Dealin' with the Feelin'" Smokes: Review of Little Melvin's new album. by Phil Farber

Lock 'n' Load
Mindy Jostyn

Story and photos
by Kevin Robinson.

We are proud to welcome to our site...

John Herald

Read about his long career at the center of American folk music.

Peggy Atwood

Check out her music to find out why "country" music isn't what you think it is.

Hudson Valley music welcomes
No Bull Productions
to our extensive list of music services. No Bull separates the hype from the B.S to give you the publicity you deserve.

Ticket Giveaways
Dealin' with the Feelin'

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